Stanley Lucas you need to Grwo up.

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Stanley Lucas has posted a lot of frantic allegations on President Preval on his blog. He accused Preval of running the country by and for a so-called group of "Bourdon", but he never mentioned any names, or the group's political strategic.

Also, he linked Preval to a series of schemes, with objective having his party up in the coming elections; and that will make it easier for him and his clicks to amend the Haitian Constitution in the favor of the said group, in particular.

We, The dark Knights, believe Mr. Lucas needs to be helpful; He should have been implicit in disclosing which articles in the constitution are the targets, and by what they should be modified.

We don't need hatred.

We don't need to see an Haitian being destroyed by another Haitian.

We, The Dark Knights, focus very well on the future of Haiti.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight, June 15 2009, 8:45 AM

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