preval work for america and french

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people open your eyes those who think that preval dont have money your dead wrong.

preval worth over 800,000 million dollar and his money stay in other country like us and other big name bank overseas haitian people need to ask preval, how much his getting paid to run haiti down the dirt. that haiti is in. cause whenever you have a government that dont care about his people they should go to jail for mistreating there poeple.

very time mother nature hit haiti.

if you knows that preval forever asking for help and when they get the money you never know what they do with it. preval and the rest of his goverment need to be put in jail for crimes against they own people.

preval and senates are disgrace to haiti the dumbest president ever live

Wildor, June 13 2009, 4:17 PM

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