Mr.Didi, I' m very happy that Preval has a pòt paròl...

Sebastien Michel Sanon - June 12 2009, 7:04 PM

Mr.Didi, I' m very happy that Preval has a pòt paròl here who can defend his Banana government.

To be honest, it is ok. Mr Didi, I think I should invite you to go Haiti just to see what difference between my country and Preval's face. Preval does have any knowledge to lead a maché, a boutik, an office, and worse a country.

Apparently, you sound like a dissent man, but, and at the same time, seems very naive with no knowledge of what' going on in Haiti right now. I go to Haiti almost every 6 months and when I don't go, I'm always informed.

The notion that Preval meets with difference head of foreign governments doesn't change anything but in the interest of Preval'AKOLITS and his ABSURD, HELPLESS, STUPID, VISIONESS, and Vòlè government.

You know what unfortunately the Haitian people don't have a true leader and the Haitian people always base their choice on emotion.

However, if our people had true leaders and honest help, we would never be in that situation, governing by an INTELLECTUEL ILLITRE.

Mr. Didi, this man was president before.

What did he do for the country other than promote correction, Vòl, and FATRA in the country?

Heyyyyy Didi, go to Haiti and see yourself.

Mr. Preval, I know that you don't care for the misery of Haitian people, but I think one day you will realize your role in the destruction of their existence as human beings.

I know that you don't care when conscious citizens CRY OUT for this country because you and STUPID ministers with some PALEMANTè BIDON are doing good; but one day, you will get your reward.

Aritid showed you the way to steal, to ignore the reality, and to mock.., but he didn't show you how to run!


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So Mr. Rene Preval, you are going to spend five years in power without doing anything for Haiti. In your campaign...

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