Wow Sebastien you're a very bold character! I like your...

509queen954 - June 11 2009, 9:26 PM

Wow Sebastien you're a very bold character! I like your outspokenness.

But real talk though.Has Preval actually sat around and done nothing for the country these last five years in office?

I mean I've heard talks about how he had roads built, and clean up streets but is that it has he really just sat around all these years?

Please let me know because it doesn't make any sense to me what so ever. Just yesterday I was reading how he met with a lot of presidents from different countries like Panama and Venezuela (of course) and how he was going to be working together with Latin America.

I also read that Preval also was gonna have oil plants and refineries built in Haiti as well. In conclusion correct my research if I'm wrong.

Is he really not doing anything for the country?


What happens

So Mr. Rene Preval, you are going to spend five years in power without doing anything for Haiti. In your campaign...

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