Didi, I actually do have knowledge of how a government should...

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Didi, I actually do have knowledge of how a government should work. But, most people with the smallest level of intelligence can look at other countries and see that it is the government that makes things work. You say that you lived outside of the country most of your life. Unless you are blind and dumb that is not possible, because most people who grew-up in other countries, for that matter most people who simply visited other countries, know that it is governments that make countries run. Basic things that in the smallest countries in the world governments manage to provide for their nation, Preval for the past five years has not been able to provide for Haiti.

Things like:

Establishing a working garbage collecting system

It is 2009, Preval has been in office for five years, yet most Haitians still don't have access to something as basic as potable water.

Five years into his presidency, and Haiti still has no basic electricity--in 2009.

Tell me Didi, do you see anything there that individuals can or should be doing.

These are the basic things that make a country function.

I will not even discuss the employment issue.

If you really are in the US, than you would know that Obama is killing himself trying to fix the economy.

He did not and could not say, "well, let individuals deal with this problem."

So, there's no way that u are living in the US, because if you were you would know for a fact that all the things that I listed above are things that are dealt with by the government.

But hey, we Haitians don't have to worry about all that anymore.

Preval's body may still be in the White House, but I have a feeling he now has absolutely no authority.

The US is now running Haiti, and we are Clinton's pet project.

Preval sunk the country so low that we are now for all purposes an (unofficial) American colony.

Linda, June 11 2009, 7:49 AM

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Didi, I actually do have knowledge of how a government should work. But, most people with the smallest level of... read more >
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