Dear Linda, I'm not a preval paid cronies as you mention...

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dear Linda, I'm not a preval paid cronies as you mention.

Actually I patially grow up here. therefore there is no way I can get paid by preval.

Since I was born I never see my family feed on the government.

I saw them relly on their own croops as most haitian do. First of all my parents hardly know p.o.p. Let me tell you one thing, I already plan my return in haiti without interfer in government bussiness.

I do not need to be a politician to serve my country.

I wiil not go to look for government job .I will creat my own little job that will probably hire 5-6 people.

A lot of haitia that do not want to take their responsibility always blame haiti disasters on the government.

Thanks for having knowledge how to run a government.

I bet if you are in preval place you will explain the haitian people what is behind the president 's job

Didi, June 11 2009, 1:44 AM

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Linda, 11-Jun-09 12:41 am
dear Linda, I'm not a preval paid cronies as you mention. Actually I patially grow up here. therefore there is no way... read more >
Didi, 11-Jun-09 1:44 am
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Linda, 11-Jun-09 7:49 am
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El Caribeno, 11-Jun-09 2:10 pm
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Zac, 11-Jun-09 3:49 pm
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509queen954, 11-Jun-09 5:13 pm
Zac; go slow on the book purchasing thing. There's a lot of junk out there pretending to be serious books. A lot of... read more >
Linda, 11-Jun-09 5:30 pm
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