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Sheila Charles Says...

I'm writing a communty development plan for Saint Michel de l'Atalaye which will include a community Campus with:
1- A school (regular and training school)
2- A health Center
3- A Church
4- A convalescence and assisted living center
5- An orphanage
6- A food pantry

If you have any information about Saint-Michel De L'Atalaye like actual statistics, community issues, realestate and living cost, etc, please contact me at chsheila at

Posted June 3 2009 at 8:07 AM

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I'm Writing A Communty Development Plan For Saint Michel De L'Atalaye Which Will Include A Community Campus With: 1- A School (Regular And Training School) 2- A Health Center 3- A Church 4- A Convalescence And Assisted... Sheila Charles 06/03/2009