Thanks Macc for the way you answer these 2 people. I left...

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thanks Macc for the way you answer these 2 people.

I left haiti when in early 20 and I spend over 20 years in us. Even thought you see these 2 people talk about haiti, they do not aware of the haitian reality.

I more likely know haiti than these 2 folks.

That's why when I read their comment I always getting made. Haiti is not prince is the same thing as N.Y. same lifestyle with market movies ect. President Preval Know the Haitian reality since he is a countryside man. I dont know anything about haitian government it is going to be a hard job for you to get in contact with those haitian.

Since you grow up here, Haitian pretend to Know everything.

In my Knowledge it is a better way to get in touch with people like wyclef that have a better view and share the same common dreams in order for you to succeed.

If you have to pass by those that grow up in haiti as well as educate there you will not succeed in your journey.

I fell happy when I see young people like you succeed academically in life.

I didn't make it but congratulation and good luck.

Ashley, June 1 2009, 11:40 PM


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Macc Plaise, 1-Jun-09 1:39 pm
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Linda, 1-Jun-09 1:51 pm
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Tiba, 1-Jun-09 2:32 pm
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Macc H. Plaise, 1-Jun-09 3:06 pm
Macc I never took you message as a joke, in fact, I think it is wonderful that you're looking after the interest of... read more >
Tiba, 1-Jun-09 5:50 pm
Tiba, You're the second person to write a response in regards to my posting with the same remark about the website. I... read more >
Macc, 1-Jun-09 9:05 pm
thanks Macc for the way you answer these 2 people. I left haiti when in early 20 and I spend over 20 years in us. Even... read more >
Ashley, 1-Jun-09 11:40 pm
It is a scam to post a blog with the president name and picture to live you a message. Guys are you the one that... read more >
Ashly, 2-Jun-09 12:46 am
there must be a legal way to stop Woodring Saintpreux from pretending this is the president's website. Of course if... read more >
Linda, 2-Jun-09 7:34 am
You jumped in without doing your homework (like a good hot head). Had you done your homework, you would have realized... read more >
Linda, 2-Jun-09 8:14 am
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