Rumor has it in Florida!!!!

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It's been a lot of talk in Florida about Bill Clinton representing Haiti/Haitians at the United Nations and he will start his new post on July 1st.

There is already a Haitian ambassador to the UN and there can be only one. My question is, did UN appoint Bill Clinton as ambasador to the UN represnting Haiti or did UN appoint Bill Clinton as special envoy to Haiti?

Isn't there a big difference between the 2 tittles?

The other rumor I got from Florida is that Bill Clinton has made a declaration to Haiti/Haitian a few days ago telling everyone to refrain from talking/mentioning Aristide to him because as far as he concerned Aristide's time is completely and totally over.

Majority of these radio personalities in Florida are NOT journalists and are not even trained Broadcasters.

Many don't have a formal schooling, they don't read the newspapers nor follow world events, and these are the people giving information to the Haitian community in Florida, which is a lot of time unfounded information.

Does anyone have any comments?

Tiba, May 29 2009, 2:53 PM

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