The golden age of Haiti

Zac - May 27 2009, 5:20 PM

A lot of Haitians are too focus on the past, they look at Haiti as a has been. I believe the golden age of Haiti is yet to come. We have a great history and we should cherish it but our best days are ahead of us.

In the last century thousands of Haitians have left Haiti, something think it's bad for the country but i think that can be an asset.

There is a generation of Haitians who is going to college and become professionals in countless domains.

That is an asset to the country.

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Linda says...

Zac, people often look toward the past when the present is nothing to be happy about. If you read a lot of history... more »

Zac says...

You are definitely right, I just don't want people to act as though the situation in Haiti is hopeless and that our... more »