P.z. With all due respect, you have used a very naive approach...

Tiba - May 25 2009, 9:32 AM


With all due respect, you have used a very naive approach to defend the racist and hatred sentiment that is boiling in the hearts and veins of Dominicans against Haitians.

A while ago I used an article in one of the "Ati-racism" group meetings that I belong to. The purpose for using the article was to rebuque the notion amongst some black members who kept arguing that black people are not racist and cannot be racist because they don't have the leverage to oppress others and conquer countries, etc...

and my view has always been that black people are as racist, hateful, and bigoted as white people.

The article was about a black Dominican woman living in the state who cannot come to grip and admit to herself that she is black.

She was explaining to a reporter that being black for Dominicans it's being Haitians.

They don't want to be associated with Haitians, they certainly don't want to resemble Haitians and this is the biggest dilemma that she is faced with living in the state.

"People consider me and see me as a black woman when I see myself as a white woman" she said to the reporter.

Keep in mind she is as black as a tire or chacoal.

How did I know she was as black as a tire?

You might ask. Her picture was on the article in large point.

I understand where you're coming from because you are married to a Dominican woman even though you did not mention your skin complexion - you might be a light skin man and therefore you fit just right in.

However, your logical approach to minimize the rampant racism, resentment and hatred Dominicans have against Haitians is very misleading and disgenuine.

P.z. - My girlfriend is white and it's like me saying since my girlfriend is white therefore there is no racism in the U.S. or racism is not as much spread as the world thinks it is.

The fact that the low/illeterate class Dominicans are the ones committing these savage acts against Haitians, as you you said, the uper and intellectual classes are as guilty for not doing anything to stop it. That is called accomplice to commit crime.

Here in the U.S. if you see a crime being committed and you don't try to stop it, you are as guilty as the actual intruders.

The government wich is made up and run by the upper class and the intellectual class is as guilty for failing to fullfil its duty to protect the citizens and hold law and order in its country.

The government is also an accomplice to commit crime against the Haitians in Dominican Republic.

By the way, just last week, the Dominican government was deporting, I think, 18 Haitians, and amongst them there were 2 Dominicans citizens who got caught because their skin color happens to be dark/black.

There was also one Puerto Rican.

How do you explain that?

That is the government in action, not the people.

How could a government deport its own citizens to another country just because those citizens happen to have dark/black skin?

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