Gerald I always believe that Haiti Quisqueya or bohio better...

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I always believe that Haiti Quisqueya or bohio better know as "Haiti Thomas" will some day rise from the ashes, maybe not in our lifetime, like you said, but maybe our great great grand child will live it.

I want to say one thing that I saw already popping up and illuminating in most Haitian narrow minds since the news announced the choice of Bill Clinton as
"special envoy" to Haiti.

I think this announcement now confirm the belief of many Haitians that Aristide will finally be back to Haiti very soon.

That is the only wish and hope they have in Clinton as being special envoy.

These mentally degenerate psycho Haitians don't care about anything else but the opportunity to pressure Clinton to bring Aristide back to power once again like he did in 1994.

Will their meetings with Clinton be about: Haiti, debt forgiveness, jobs, investment, education, health care system, etc...

and on the plan to achieve all that?

Nooooo! Haitians will spend their entire time with Bill Clinton talking about on thing and one thing only, the return of Aristide to Haiti.

He did it in 1994, he has to do it again this time around.

In that case, I would urge Clinton to use Aristide as a barganing chip to get Haitian finally involved and changing and rebuilding their country.

Clinton needs to keep them on the false promises that, yes, he will bring Aristide back to them unless they do this and do that...

If Clinton sees the need, for example, for nation reconciliation, well, he would have to tell them, you people need to reconcil and unite first if you want me to bring Aristide back.

They will reconcil and unite because they don't know any better and they cannot second guessing the slave master.

If I were Bill Clinton that's how I would deal with those Haitians.

If you want Aristide back, which would never happen, then you gonna have to work for it by doing everything that I ask you to do.

I think that strategy would work very well for the country.

Tiba, May 19 2009, 10:11 AM

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Gerald I always believe that Haiti Quisqueya or bohio better know as "Haiti Thomas" will some day rise from the ashes... read more >
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