Here's Montresor's 15 plan and vision for Haiti!!!

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I finally went to the website extrated Montresor's plan and vision for Haiti and posted the entire thing on the blog everyone can see it and make sense of it.

The whole 15 points of his plan sound like when I was gathering information to write college papers.

The whole thing shows nothing more than total incompetence, mediocrity, childlish, vagueness, no substence, and plain nonsense.

This is the presidential candidate I am being chastised, cursed at, and critisized for refusing to support.

A cave man can do much better than that.

1) National unity without language barriers

2) Godly leadership without compromise

3) Planning for long-term solutions

4) Discipline beyond measure to protect our sovereignty

5) Equality at its best without prejudice of class

6) Mentoring with devotion and strong motivation

7) Imparting knowledge for nation building

8) Social productivity to ensure prosperity and competence

9) Security for peace of mind

10) Reduce crime with strong military strategies

11) Job creation to eliminate poverty and build self esteem

12) Building a healthy nation with:

13) Improved healthcare system

14) Improved environmental conditions

15) Improved transportation network

Tiba, May 18 2009, 8:01 AM

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Boulou, 18-May-09 9:02 am
Boulou Here's the website:. I hope it works. I must warn you that there is nothing on that site worthy of nobody's... read more >
Tiba, 18-May-09 10:13 am
Tiba, I just done reading Montresor’s executive plan. Thanks Boulou read more >
Boulou, 18-May-09 11:52 pm


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