I wish the gorvernment with guidance let the haitian people...

No Mane - May 15 2009, 4:57 PM

I wish the gorvernment with guidance let the haitian people take care of their own areas by signing contract with the company.

that's the onlt way these poor people can benefit from theri own richess even thought the can not explode it. I know in my area there is lot of gold just 3-4 miles where I came from. I wish my quartier can benefit from these millions in case that the company is exploring there.

around 04-07 I know that a group of people tours my ancestors area without our knowledge but with the assistant mahor of the area this is the kind of thing haitian that live in haiti suppose to look for as I will informed my people living there to wathc out for this type of activity.

There is no way someone can go to people property to explode it while they are starving relly on people aboard to share what can not even pay their bills.

The government have to straight these discovery right in order to benefit the province where these gold are being explore by providing these poor people with good houses, toilet, school, hospital ect .If you are taking my properties I should get something in return.

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