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The second coming of president Rene Gracia Preval was a difficult electoral proccess, this election has proven... read more >
Samuel Frederique, 22-Sep-06 11:53 pm
I count on the Preval/ Alexi administration. I think if they get all the help promised to them by the international... read more >
Pascauxx22, 7-Oct-06 5:52 pm
I was listening to Rene Preval's speech today and I heard him say that MINUSTA's new role in haiti will be to help us... read more >
Currious George, 15-Oct-06 2:20 pm
He did mention his objective for the people and the Country during his campaign; you probably didn't remember or... read more >
Levener, 7-Feb-08 1:29 am
Samuel; this was a great post, and I do think that if the president were to read some of the post like yours that are... read more >
Linda, 7-Feb-08 2:44 pm
I don't think this president is a good choice from the haitian population, he is not qualify enough to lead this... read more >
Wildentz Augustin, 3-Jun-09 10:32 pm
Saintpreux, why do you keep bringing up these old post from a year ago, and using other names to do it? read more >
Linda, 4-Jun-09 11:43 am
Neg yo pa jam pa gain parole pour Haiti.Haiti pa jam pap Haiti.president pa p president nan 5 ans.Pep Haiti a p we... read more >
Sergo Jean, 17-Apr-10 9:40 am
Tout moun jewnnnn....Blan pap domi..wmen ta rinmin ke nou tande sak kap pase, pou nou ta reveye finalman, epitou pwan... read more >
Mek Pook, 3-Jul-10 7:07 pm
VOICI LE 10 KOU read more >
Brian Mauvais, 3-Jan-11 9:07 pm
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