Freedom of Speech

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We have the right to keep an eye on the President and his Prime Minister.

We have the right to voice critics when promises are not kept.

We will applaud if the country was doing good under their administration.

We also have the right to let them know we are not satisfied with their ineffeciciency and their lack of committment to work for the well being of the Haitian People.

No one has the right to shut up those who want to express their views.

Freedom of speech is an important pillar in a democratic system.

Those who ask others to shut up are not democrats.

They criticized the Duvaliers but they would do worse than them.

We have nothing against the supporters of Preval.

If you want to support the devil, this your choice; we respect that. People died for Hitler, Mussolini, Staline, Aristide.

That was their choice.

For others it is legitimate to question those who seek power to change the country.

They are public figures exposed to critics.

They need to do their job. And they need to welcome critics.

We understand the government needs everybody's help but we need to see some leadership.

In Haiti we do not have poll to rate the President or the Prime Minister job approval.

If we keep sending flowers while the Haitian People are suffering, they will think their approval rate is 100% They will become complacent and will lose contact with reality.

Beware of your friends: they will hide the truth to please you. Jean claude Duvalier was told everything was fine while Gonaives was in revolt.

Please let's everybody express their views.

Please, let's practice some democracy.

If you feel someone needs to be more knowledgeable, feel free to provide more information but with respect and civility.

Trebu Patriote, February 14 2007, 5:50 PM

Topic: You are the voice of of the people!!!

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We have the right to keep an eye on the President and his Prime Minister. We have the right to voice critics when... read more >
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