No problem Brother Philippe Brother Philippe, Tiba, Dark...

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No problem Brother Philippe
Brother Philippe, Tiba, Dark Knight, Zarien, Toussaint and all of you have and continue to take part in that discussion...Un grand salut.

I am new in that blog and I must admit the Dominican question is one that really raises my blood pressure.

I was a kid in 1981 when one haitian was chopped in Dominican Republic and my desire was to go the military Academy and avenge the death...Just an idea to show you how touched I was by this problem.

One time at the Medical school of Port au Prince I did slip an anonymous letter in the pocket of Roger Lafontant who was then a Professor of Embryology at the Medical school in which I protested against the fact of seeing our Officials patronizing those prostitutes bordels.

I was 19 them that means I carry this problem deeply in my heart especially after you read Madiou and other historians account of how we haitians betray ourselves and our leaders and allow those craps to become independent.

Roger Gaillard spoke extensively about the Genocide of 40000 thousands haitians who were massacred by Trujillo and Stenio Vincent just like this boy we have now did not say nothing.

We must not let history repeat itself because if we forget it we will pay high price for it'
Remember the stupids claim they are descendants of TAINO INDIANS NOT BLACKS AND THEY MUST GET RID OF ALL haitians in the Country.

Please guys read and read. WE MUST WALK ON THEM AGAIN

H.d, May 8 2009, 4:10 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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The incident that happened in the Dominican Republic was shocking but not to many people are telling the whole story... read more >
Philippe, 7-May-09 8:26 pm
Well Mr Philippe YOU ARE WRONG I find it pity--full that you are trying to defend a mob execution where a citizen has... read more >
H.d, 7-May-09 8:49 pm
I never implied that the individual who was killed got what he deserved. I'm not the type who believe in an eye for an... read more >
Philippe, 8-May-09 2:30 am
Well Mr Philippe, I might have come down too hard on you and if I intricate from your post the sense that you were... read more >
H.d, 8-May-09 6:39 am
Philippe - You seem to be a new member of this joint, if so, welcome! I agree heartedly agree with your assertion of... read more >
Tiba, 8-May-09 8:15 am
Brother I'm glad that we finally understand each other. However i have to clarify that I DO NOT believe in an eye for... read more >
Philippe, 8-May-09 12:58 pm
No problem Brother Philippe Brother Philippe, Tiba, Dark Knight, Zarien, Toussaint and all of you have and continue to... read more >
H.d, 8-May-09 4:10 pm
Why you dont mention the Dominican that was killed? Dont let you drag for all the hate and the anger. Not all the... read more >
Ed., 8-May-09 4:45 pm
I understand your anger, we should all be angry about the way haitians are being treated. But we must be smart and... read more >
Philippe, 8-May-09 5:05 pm
this is a link to the video of the Haitian that was killed. a friend of my e-mailed it to me. it's pretty graphic so... read more >
Philippe, 8-May-09 5:14 pm
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