Brother I'm glad that we finally understand each other...

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Brother I'm glad that we finally understand each other.

However i have to clarify that I DO NOT believe in an eye for an eye and i DO NOT support the death penalty.

If a person is guilty of a crime i believe he should go to prison, not killed.

My friend i haven't been to the Dominican republic but i'd like to visit it someday but not so much as a tourist but to learn.

I know how haitians are treated in the dominican republic.

It's a sad story.

I watch these haitians in the bateys cutting sugarcane, all i can think is that it could have been me. It makes me angry but i would like to use my anger as source to help haiti.

Dominicans are obsessed with the color white.

They are light-skinned blacks who want to be white and they're afraid too many haitians will eventually make them look darker.

A lot of them deny the fact that they are descendants of slaves.

You see the only way to deal with the problem is to create a Haiti that is more developed than the dominican republic.

A society where haitians don't have to leave the country in search of a better life somewhere else. And i'm tired of the Haitian government and parliament because they are not doing they're jobs. About the employees of the haitian government i don't know what to say about them, i always get angry when i think about them. Like you said man they are rude and obnoxious, they should either be trained in customer service or fired.

These people are suppose to be diplomats but they don't know how to be civilized or diplomatic.

The future is here and Haiti is already late, we are years behind.

We are the second oldest country in the Americas after the US but we are the poorest and the least developed.

We need to come together and deal with the situation.

Haiti is the first black republic and as long as we stay the way we are, we are confirming the misconception that black people are incapable.

Philippe, May 8 2009, 12:58 PM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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Philippe, 7-May-09 8:26 pm
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H.d, 7-May-09 8:49 pm
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Philippe, 8-May-09 2:30 am
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H.d, 8-May-09 6:39 am
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Tiba, 8-May-09 8:15 am
Brother I'm glad that we finally understand each other. However i have to clarify that I DO NOT believe in an eye for... read more >
Philippe, 8-May-09 12:58 pm
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H.d, 8-May-09 4:10 pm
Why you dont mention the Dominican that was killed? Dont let you drag for all the hate and the anger. Not all the... read more >
Ed., 8-May-09 4:45 pm
I understand your anger, we should all be angry about the way haitians are being treated. But we must be smart and... read more >
Philippe, 8-May-09 5:05 pm
this is a link to the video of the Haitian that was killed. a friend of my e-mailed it to me. it's pretty graphic so... read more >
Philippe, 8-May-09 5:14 pm
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