Philippe - You seem to be a new member of this joint, if so...

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Philippe - You seem to be a new member of this joint, if so, welcome!

I agree heartedly agree with your assertion of the incident that happened in the Dominican Republic.

However, I am disgusted with the way in which the Dominicans took their revenge on the Haitian.

Beheading a person in public place, in my opinion, is not civilized.

The world keep criticizing Haiti for being a lawless country, well, it seems to me that Dominica Republic is not any better either.

Where was the police?

Shouldn't be the job of the police to arrest the man for the crime?

Why didn't anyone call the police?

The way in which the entire incident happened is in question here. Just imagine if that incident had taken place in Haiti?

The international community led by US would have shut Haiti done so fast that heads would spin.

You also said "But i have to say my friend i agree with the haitian consulate officer, the official languages of haiti are creole and french, not english.

The officer is haitian and is under haitian jurisdiction you cannot fault him for wanting to speak creole or french to you."

That brings up an important observation which is, due to a multitude of factors, "being Haitian doesn't necessarily mean you can speak Creole or French.

And if the Haitian does speak Creole and French it doesn't necessarily mean that this Haitian is comfortable enough to have a rational and intelligent conversation in Creole to make himself/herself understood.

The consul cannot demand that someone speaks Creole just because the caller happens to be Haitian, and require that you speak "perfect" English if you so choose to speak English.

He could maybe "ASK" the caller to speak Creole if he/she feels comfortable speaking the language.

There is big difference between "Asking if...

and demanding that..."

As far as being an American naturalized going to the American embassy in P-A-P,
first, they will never demand that you speak English because they know that English is not your first language.

Second, they know that even though you are an American citizen, but they know you were born in Haiti so therefore there is possible that you don't speak enough English to make yourself understood.

If anything, they would ask you to speak in the language you feel more comfortable in.

And do you know why they would not make such a demand on you?

It is because they are professionals.

Being rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, and condescending to you would make them unprofessionals, and they know upon your return to the state, you could very well complain to the State Department or to your representative, therefore, they refrain themselves from treating you in that manner.

It is different with the Haitian government.

As Haitian citizens, they are rude, obnoxious, condescending, and treat you like trash when calling them or go to their offices for business because they know there is nowhere to make complaints, and if you would try to go to Preval directly you would be treated even worse.

They are the kings/queens of the jungle.

These are the kind of treatments we, Haitians, have to put up with from our own government 24/7.

Tiba, May 8 2009, 8:15 AM

Topic: I got cut off by Haitian embassy in D. C.

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Philippe, 8-May-09 5:14 pm
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