That's was a pretty harsh respond!

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First of all I want you to know I voted for Preval and I really admire his doings.

Second of all I want you to know that I was not talking about the preval's party itself.

I was talking more in term of the people.

You can have a great captain in the field but if every player is not doing his part--the winning of that game is not guaranteed.

Yes, Duvalier had the country for 30 years and did not do much for nation but all those kidnappings and nonsense stuffs did not take place while he was in power.

Yes, I know he killed many..

I think you guys need to change some strategies and start with education.

Further, I believe you guys should strive harder to bring jobs to the people.

In other words, quit depending so much on foreign aids. It is time to start investing on our people for long-term interest.

P.S. Do you think voodoo is destroying the country?

Jacques Similhomme, February 13 2007, 4:59 PM

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