just spoke to the state dept usa

Hans Duperoi - May 6 2009, 3:28 PM

Chers Compatriotes
Je viens a peine de parler a Madame Primont au departement d'etat des Etats Unis qui m'a rassure que le Gouvernent Americain et Hillary Clinton have officially demanded an investigation of the May 2 execution of the Haitian citizen.

Like I say that should not happened in a civilized society and we Haitians should always remember that those dirty prostitutes and thieves have a problem with us and we ought to have a military force, I do not care how do we dall it, to repeal and threaten the hell out of them.
All of us I mean all of us must do something; a call, a letter so we can remind them that we are observing them
A boiling Haitian in el DF

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Tiba says...

What the hell are you talking about? What execution are you rferring to? Jesus Christ, people, be clear and conscised... more »

H D says...

Tiba Have not youheard or read this week that a Haitian citizen was executed by a mob ao Dominicans....That took place... more »

Tiba says...

HD - Of course I heard of it, but still, I did not quite know exactly if this is the crime you were referring to. It... more »

H.d says...

Tiba of course the first instance to call was our Embssies. If had read my first posts you have have seen that I had... more »

Tiba says...

H.D. - Good work! When calling the Dominican ambassy in Mexico, you said that the woman told you "Oh I did not know if... more »

Mr Traumas says...

Je crois que pas mal des lecteurs du blog s'expriment ne reflechissent presque pas;la passion,l'emotion et surtout la... more »