We post here because we love this country

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Thank you Zarien
One thing is certain:If we even bother to take time our our busy schedule, our wife and our children to post on this blog is because we love this Country-it is because we have been around and see how things are done and see how other people and other governments are proceeding.

We have suffered deep inside and are angry to see how despicable those who are leading us are leading us irresponsible, shamely and chaotically.

We are a proud nation, we are capable people and the whole world knows it. When are we going to use our full enrgy to pull this nation out of shame and misery.

When will we stand up in front of the world not only to remind them we defeaed Napoleon 200 years ago but we defeat misery, poverty, unemployment, uncleanliness, kidnapping, zinglendo, dirt, disrespect, hate, tribal mentality and the whole rest.
I am sure we can but we need a catalyst, a true leader that will raise above pettiness, religious dogmas, backward ideoly, racial triviality and the rest
Yes we can Si se puede
Pour la Patrie et pour nos freres

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Hans Duperoi, May 6 2009, 10:25 AM

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