Mr Hans, I read with great pleasure your reply. I understand...

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Mr Hans,
I read with great pleasure your reply.

I understand your frustration which is the absolute echo of what we are feeling toward our leaders.

A person who makes it to the top of the social ladder should remember where he comes from; therefore, he is in a better position to understand the plight of those who are at the bottom, because he had been there".

The people you added to the list have done something for their country and their countrymen despite their humble origin.

But Mr. Preval and most of our leaders have no pride and no vision.

They are nothing but beggars in power, begging for help, waiting for UN food. I think they pray daily for disasters and calamities to strike the country as often as possible, so they can get more help, and fatten their bank accounts much faster! Their performance as leaders tells us about their skills, professions or trades: they were mediocre in what they did before acceding to power.

Their mediocrity reaches its zenith and shines in our face! Imagine how many loaves of ill-baked, salted, and disgusting breads this guy put on the shelves! And how many people who suffered from diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting.

We are experiencing the same symptoms as result of their blatant incompetence! It is evident that his "agronomic" skill is worthless.

He is in the best position to modernize our agriculture, yet our magnificent, and courageous peasants, continue farming using archaic methods like slash and burn, depleting and eroding the soil resulting in loss of fertile soil, and poor harvest; they are unable to produce enough food for the country whose population is ever increasing.

This so called agronomist has done nothing to increase our food production.

We understand that he alone can't do anything, but had he shown leadership, people would be motivated to change things around.

We have no choice but to import food, unhealthy food, from other countries including the DR where our bother are being massacred, robed, and treated like slaves in the barteys!
I don't think our leaders and notably MR RG. Preval has any shame.

This man and most of his predecesora don't deserve national funerals.

I would not like to be buried in the same cemetery with them!

Zarien Krab, May 6 2009, 9:54 AM


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The Dark Knight, 6-May-09 8:29 am
Mr Hans, I read with great pleasure your reply. I understand your frustration which is the absolute echo of what we... read more >
Zarien Krab, 6-May-09 9:54 am
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Zarien Krab, 6-May-09 11:43 am
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Tiba, 7-May-09 6:55 am
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