I am just at lost when I hear Haitians are being mistreated...

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I am just at lost when I hear Haitians are being mistreated, humiliated, used and killed in Dominican Republic and I am more at lost and furious to hear that Haitians are vacationning in Santo Dominingo.

Furthermore this idea of Haitians studying in Dominican Republic is so repugnant it wants to make me puke. Here in Mexico we do not even give them credit and Dominicans are not know for studying but for worldwide Prostitution...

that is why I refused to dance with ine of them at a party and that has created a big huge polemic here in Mexico in the early 1990's...

My father told me that Duvalier was thinking of invading them in 1963 and there was word that General Prosper Avril was ready to invade them in the 1990 and the question was and still is when. When are we going to make them pay for all the killings, the murders, the genocide of 1937?

They were dreaded of the 125.000 Macoutes we had and frankly we should have made them paythen..

Recently I was talking to the French Consul here and I told him the most pressing problem in our hemeisphere is the Haitian Dominican problem and it will only take one responsible haitian to avenge the suffering of our people.

I AM SAD TO SEE THAT WE HAVE A FORMER BREADMAKER WHO JUST DOES NOT HAVE HAITIANS IN HIS AGENDA(Now do not get me wrong the guy could have been what ever but at least he can have his people on his mind but I do not think this guy does...Remember Lechs Wawrenza the polish solidarity guy, he was an electrician but he changed his country)
We must come back with the national guards because I am one hundred percent sure those Dominicans will be at our door step one day if we do not find a way to scare the hell out of them
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Hans Duperoi, May 2 2009, 8:07 PM

Topic: We need to reoccupy the Dominican Republic

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I am just at lost when I hear Haitians are being mistreated, humiliated, used and killed in Dominican Republic and I... read more >
Hans Duperoi, 2-May-09 8:07 pm
Well its already done - more than one million Haitians are living in the Dominican Republic. Most of them are employed... read more >
Dominican Watchdog, 4-May-09 10:53 am
We do not need to reoccupy the DR. We the Haitian people need to go back home and work for our community. We're making... read more >
Ananymous, 20-May-09 3:47 pm
Well said, those who suggest that Haiti should re-occupy the Dominican Republic are mentally slow. We don't have that... read more >
Zac, 20-May-09 4:05 pm
That is retarded as a proud Dominican i know that the Dominicans were very mistreated when Haiti occupied the... read more >
Johanna, 26-Jan-10 9:29 am


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