blown out of proportion

Carl-philippe Pierre-paul - April 28 2009, 7:39 PM

Brothers and sisters,

I realize that this incident is completely blown out of proportion by our media.

The "handshake" incident that occured between president Obama and presidetn Preval took seconds and can easily be explained by an oversight on the part of president Obama who in fact shook Preval's hands soon after.

The alarm that so many of us feel reflects much about our collective and individual sense of insecurity which has become part of our identity as Haitians.

We reflexively want to crucify Preval and feel the displaced shame that we continually experience.

A more productive and healthy response from us, even if Preval did make a mistake which I don't believe he made, would have been to embrace our commander in chief and request a review and fine-tuning of "protocol".

If the situation were reversed and Preval had ommited to shake Obama's hand, most of us would think nothing of it. Let's learn to forgive ourselves, accept ourselves, love ourselves, embrace rather than reject our brothers.

This will begin a new path towards change both in our consciousness and our productivity.

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