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It seems that I cannot sue the Haitian government, for the properties that that ignorant thief Preval is selling left and right, because of my double nationality.

Those who don't want to loose their thieving positions in Haiti have won--temporarily.

I guess that's why they will never allow the Haitian diaspora to have double nationality--because people like me would come after them with a legal vengeance.

I will find another way. Maybe another Haitian who is not afraid of lifting his/her head up, and who also has Haitian nationality.

Either way, I will find a way to legally get rid of this gutter rat pretending to be president.

Linda, April 26 2009, 2:49 PM

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Don't waste your time manman. If they can't win they'll rather kill the whole nation and burn whatever still standing. read more >
Tigel, 27-Apr-09 2:08 am


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