Vital said: "Whether or not Haiti is a poor country, I do not...

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Vital said: "Whether or not Haiti is a poor country, I do not think Obama should have ignored him like that."

Dear Vital, it is not because Haiti is poor that Preval got dissed.

Haiti has been a poor country for a long time, but before this gutter rat call Preval became our "president," our nation was respected, and its people were always talked about in a prideful way. It is not until Haitians put this ti sou sou mendiant in power that we Haitians started constantly being humiliated and loosing the respect of the rest of the world.

This had nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with an individual who has no self-respect and no manners, and who should not lead a kitchen let alone a country.

All also said: "Reminber president Preval was born in a well educated family and received one itself."

I actually met and had coffee with Preval's sister.

She prepared some baked stuff for me. She is a very nice person.

However, although she has much more manners than he does, I observed that there was a general lack of breeding in upper level social skills and graces.

But, these days, social skills can be bought.

If Preval had any self respect at all, he could have paid someone to train him in what he needed to know. Besides there is something we Haitians know well, each family has their own rat that they usually refer to as the mal appris.

Regarding Preval’s scholastic education, I have done some serious research in this, and although the man claims to have gone to college, he never claimed to have graduated.

The fact is that Preval never graduated from any of the schools he started.

That alone says a lot about this man. There's absolutely no record that Preval finished or even came close to finishing an education that would enable him to run for the president of any country-except of course Haiti.

All also said: "Did you haitian call michel obama all these name when she accidentally embrace the queen.”

Well actually, All, Michel Obama did not make a faux pas. She responded to the Queen's faux pas. It was the Queen who, in a moment of complete affection, uncharacteristically did something that she would never have otherwise done. She is the one who first put her arms around the First Lady. But, even with that, the Obamas still got a lot of flack for a gentile embrace that the First Lady was simply returning.

So, can you imagine what the reaction would have been if either of the Obama's had walked up to the Queen and yanked her by the arm as if she were their buddy buddy?

Linda, April 26 2009, 1:22 AM

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Vital said: "Whether or not Haiti is a poor country, I do not think Obama should have ignored him like that." Dear... read more >
Linda, 26-Apr-09 1:22 am
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