Jé ou pa bon si ou wè veste si la se koule jaune...

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Jé ou pa bon si ou wè veste si la se koule jaune, pantalon se koulé krem, san kol, ou we byen vré ou pran tout moun pou je pete pa rey ou. Mesi frem

Jean, April 23 2009, 4:10 PM

Topic: Did Obama Diss Preval

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first of all he might dont realise what he did, but for preval it is embarass.if he do realise of what he did it a... read more >
Livenie Ellis, 23-Apr-09 3:56 pm
Je ou pa bon si ou we veste si la se koule jaune,pantalon se koule krem,san kol,ou we byen vre ou pran tout moun pou... read more >
Jean, 23-Apr-09 4:10 pm
You see, this is how petty bullshit feuds get started. This was not an intended diss. Everybody please calm the hell... read more >
Pascale, 23-Apr-09 4:15 pm
Avan vin"n Prezidan fok nal lekol prochaine fwoi di'l fe bab li Ban Vole grame read more >
Mwen Men, 23-Apr-09 4:45 pm
Although Preval likes to take things for granted by displaying from time to time little manners in big events, he... read more >
Chavannes Charles, 23-Apr-09 5:15 pm
Preval grabbed Obama's arm and pulled it. What da fuk??? That was very INNAPRORIATE. NO AND NO again!!! You cannot... read more >
Negled, 23-Apr-09 5:26 pm
There was absolutely nothing wrong with Rene Preval dress code. He dressed as a president. However, President Preval... read more >
Negled, 23-Apr-09 5:32 pm
Is that for real because I just can't believe it. Although, I know Preval is pretty dumb men I cant believe my eyes... read more >
Taty, 23-Apr-09 5:37 pm
Yes he did, and "well done" is all that can be said to Obama. What is shocking is that this ti susu is now... read more >
Linda, 23-Apr-09 6:08 pm
mwen rayi yon moune ap fe pwop peyil,fwel,sel pase nan piye vole tout sa piyi-a posede kom preval pou mwenmenm ki pa... read more >
Adrow Alexander, 23-Apr-09 6:30 pm
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