Hello, Having a chance of getting some good help is a bless...

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Having a chance of getting some good help is a bless.

Hilary and Bill will make sure that it hapends under President Obama's Term and I trust them all fully.

Let's not call people names; that's where hate gets fed. We all know that christians have killed most people around the world in the name of God that's a fact. Most hate and devisive ideas and doctrines come from Christianity.

racists and facists are proud to be called Protestants/Christians such Mike Hackeby, lou Dobb, Dick Cheney and many others.

Remember the devil can mascarade itself as God.
I don't beleive either in the drinking of wine and eat bread as blood and body of Christ.

I don't beleive in the cross or the pictures.

to me these are the work of the devil.

There are many Christians out there who beleive in "Loving my neighbor as I love myself" To me that is the basics of Christianity or any religion.

I do beleive there is one God/suprem being and it's not Christian, Buddist or any religion in particular but a breath of fresh air or light.

A person who practices voodoo who loves to help people can not be called satan worshiper.

It is a gift and it should be respected same as a good Christian.

those who do bad should be prosecuted.

A Christian who accuses someone of devil worshiping is nothing but a danm fool or devil worshiper himself and should be imputed as well.

As I said we have many Haitian who really have no clue who they are, where they come from, where they'r going and as a result, they hate their brothers for all sorts of reasons.

That should stop.

Haiti and poverty has nothing to do with Voodoo but bad governemnt or bad managements.

Garry, April 20 2009, 11:40 PM

Topic: What Bill and Hillary Clinton Say About Haiti

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Hello, Having a chance of getting some good help is a bless. Hilary and Bill will make sure that it hapends under... read more >
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Carlos Burrowes, 21-Apr-09 12:30 pm
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