This country must not know about the hitory of Chritianity...

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This country must not know about the hitory of Chritianity.

Christians are devil.

From Romans Catholic to Protestants.

Romans Catholic killed Jesus! it is writting blacks on whites in the Bible.The protestants killed millions and continue to kill around the world.

Google Martin Luther and the Jews and their lies. You should be ashamed to be a Christian...

The Christians enslaved Blacks in America.

If you at least got a clue how sadic slavery were and knew those peple that enslaved were Christians, you still proud to be Chistian you are making your choice.

Learn about the world history, religion, and politics.

Tell me one thing that you are proud being a Christian.

Hitler was a christian!
oh! I forgot, Let's drink Jesus blood and his body, if that doesn't sound evil to you. Continue to do that every Sunday or first Sunday in the month.

Oh don't forget to go to Church on Good Friday to drink that fresh blood and body and ask your good friend to go to a (rarah=hebrew word that means causing Evil).

in Nord-Ouest you will see the real thing that happened in Israel 2000 years ago and how the hell Haitians know about it.The wooping thing and all...

Inconnu, April 20 2009, 9:00 PM

Topic: What Bill and Hillary Clinton Say About Haiti

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For anyone interested in the full transcript of the Remarks made by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the... read more >
Hp Rookie, 19-Apr-09 2:55 pm
Should I believe everything the slavemaster just said? The slavemaster holds these similar conferences on Haiti almost... read more >
Tiba, 19-Apr-09 3:22 pm
I will not clap/applaud to comments made by the slavemaster about problems that I already know exist in Haiti. I just... read more >
Tiba, 19-Apr-09 3:48 pm
Until Preval can have a website just like Obama stating what he has done and plan to do with the donations and the... read more >
The Avenger, 19-Apr-09 6:10 pm
this is a positive move and bless it all. It is about time. Here is a good message Why do some Haitians still talk so... read more >
Garry, 20-Apr-09 5:04 pm
This country must not know about the hitory of Chritianity. Christians are devil. From Romans Catholic to Protestants... read more >
Inconnu, 20-Apr-09 9:00 pm
Garry don't feel bad about any of this Voodoo issue because you are facing a people very uninformed. If Haitians knew... read more >
Tiba, 20-Apr-09 9:31 pm
Hello, Having a chance of getting some good help is a bless. Hilary and Bill will make sure that it hapends under... read more >
Garry, 20-Apr-09 11:40 pm
this is a great article and I hve alreadysent it to a few friends. thanks Garry read more >
Garry, 21-Apr-09 12:45 am
La solucion y bienestar de haiti no son limosnas economicas. Yo no veo que los hatianos que son ciudadanos de USA y... read more >
Carlos Burrowes, 21-Apr-09 12:30 pm
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