Haiti : SOS aux HAITIENS Pays Vendu en Cachette

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I am answering because this is not going to benefit the Haitian people.

Its going straight into the pockets of government officials, and their private bank accounts.

They are selling the country for pennies over the dollar (and the dollar is worthless these days) The Haitian people are not going to benefit; their private land are probably being used without their consent the only thing they are going to get is poison and pollution.

These concessions were made without going through parliament as if Haiti was a dictatorship.

Haiti will not move ahead until we get out of office the " Usual Thieves" who are out to make a few bucks for themselves without thinking of the future of Haiti or Haitians as a people.

They are selling us out by getting give aways behind close doors.

This Preval is no different from his "marassa Aristide." I take that back perhaps a little less voracious than Aristide (who was a lot smarter) but Preval imcompetence which is well known is not helping Haitians.

He may be putting Haiti's sovereignty at risk specially if he makes any deals with those French.

Theavenger, April 19 2009, 5:54 PM

Topic: Haiti : SOS aux HAITIENS Pays Vendu en Cachette

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I am answering because this is not going to benefit the Haitian people. Its going straight into the pockets of... read more >
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