Massive Electoral Fraud for 4/19/0

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President Preval is aware of the massive fraud in preparation with the only goal to secure the totality of the senate seats in dispute in favor of his party Lespwa or Uclade.

The Candidates not affiliated to the President political family won't have none of their representatives admitted inside the Bureau of Vote (BV).

It is a crucial element in the process of controling the number of ballots obtained by each candidate and legitimating the final tally.

But when the Bureau of Vote is only filled with people from Lespwa or Uclade, you do not need to be a scientist to understand that all the ballots will be alloted to those two parties candidates.

It is a widespread phenomenon.

In the South East, Dr Derisier and another prominent candidate have stepped down.

In the South it is the same situation:the candidate Yves Rousseau has seen all his submitted representatives replaced by the ones from Lespwa.

So we are asking, where is President Preval's committment to Mrs Clinton to have fair, honest and credible elections.

The President needs to understand he bears all the responsibility for the mascarade that will take place this Sunday 4/19/09 and the consequences.

He needs to understand he cannot bring stability, security,jobs and development to Haiti if he doesn't divorce with the pratice of being dishonest and a liar.

The $327 millions promised this week are only promise.

The world is watching.

Trebu Patriote, April 18 2009, 3:49 PM

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