it's not unpatriotic to speak out

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That was bold i like that. My purpose is not to start a fight, i simply want to let our leaders know that we expect change not mediocrity.

When we make excuses for them we're basically telling them that it's ok to do nothing.

We're telling them that they can always blame the world for not succeeding.

I'm sorry that you don't like me calling them incompetent but the truth is evident.

If you want proof of incompetence and failure take a trip to Haiti you'll see the misery, lack of progress the facts speak for themselves.

I like your attitude, we shouldn't be bashing but we can't remain silent when are leaders are not doing much to improve Haiti.

We have to tell them that we expect better.

And you're right again in saying that the government can't do it alone.

On my part i'm helping children to go to school, through world vision and i also have some business ventures i want start in the next three years in Haiti.

You know it's my job as a citizen to let my government know that i want change and improvements that's why we vote them into office, if i stay quiet nothing will ever change they'll think it's ok to not do anything.

My friend i assure you if we start electing and re-electing leaders based on their plans for the country and the things they achieve while in office then everyone of them will start producing.

Look at it this way there are things we the people cannot do only the government can. For example i would like to see every kid go to school in Haiti but i don't have the financial resources to support them i can only help a few. But the government can create a public school system where every kid has the opportunity to go to school.

It's my job as citizen to tell the government that i expect that from them. It's not unpatriotic to speak against the government.

Julien, February 7 2007, 11:30 AM

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