I am one hundred percent for the project

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It's been a while since our soccer team is living under all types of tribulation.

Most of our problems on the earth planet have connection with money.

Our team needs money in order to play well and represent us out there.

This team, (our national soccer team) cannot do much without a strong economic fund. I know for sure that Haitian people are crazy about soccer; most of it when their own team is playing.

It's important to raise money in Canada, United States, France and Haiti for our Soccer Team.

I hate to loose a game; it bothers me for months.

I might be sick after all.

Our soccer team should beat easily Jamaica, United States, Canada, Mexic, Honduras, Guatemala and every single team on earth.

The team needs to be in shape physically, mentally, and economically.

Brezil should not be the Haitian team. We need to have a soccer team to confront brezil and beat him for good.

We are the first black in the world, we should show it in every aspect of life; and not in the mouth.

When Jamaica beats us, they become the first black in the world.

When cuba and the other teams around beat us. they become number one over us.

Lever pied nou, voyer lagent aller pou equique la capab fait nou kontan mezanmi.

robert magic

Robert Magic, February 7 2007, 10:55 AM

Topic: Investissement pour le sport haitien

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The national soccer team has won the Cup of the Caribbean Nations and is qualified to play the Gold Cup (Concacaf) in... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 5-Feb-07 10:17 pm
Are you taking the lead on this issue? I don't agree with you that Aristide stole the National Team money because he... read more >
Jean Batiste, 6-Feb-07 10:48 am
One thing is evident, it is that Haiti is a failed state with broken institutions. It is a failed state because its... read more >
Julien, 6-Feb-07 8:54 pm
Raising funds for any project is a very sensitive activity. People will make sacrifices to contribute to a good cause... read more >
Trebu Patriote, 6-Feb-07 9:34 pm
Hey, If you have such a great plan for Haiti why are you not living in Haiti and Why are you have not done anything to... read more >
Jean Batiste, 7-Feb-07 10:36 am
Send me your email let's make a differene and we need to get in touch with those that are in charge. Email me at... read more >
Jean Batiste, 7-Feb-07 10:41 am
It's been a while since our soccer team is living under all types of tribulation. Most of our problems on the earth... read more >
Robert Magic, 7-Feb-07 10:55 am
That was bold i like that. My purpose is not to start a fight, i simply want to let our leaders know that we expect... read more >
Julien, 7-Feb-07 11:30 am
As for the soccer team, I think it's great what you guys want to do, keep it up, It will definitely improve the image... read more >
Julien, 7-Feb-07 11:42 am
I agree we must hold our leaders accountable. I have a job and my boss expect me complete my work. Should i be... read more >
Malik Deschamps, 7-Feb-07 1:30 pm
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