s.o.s for the haitian soccer team

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Raising funds for any project is a very sensitive activity.

People will make sacrifices to contribute to a good cause.

But we need to make sure the money goes exactly where it is supposed to go and spent for what it is earmarked.

We do not want to see an individual or a group of individuals or even a so called committee take lead and manage the funds.

If any lead has to be taken, it will be a lead to motivate and to reach out a larger public.

We can commit ourselves to visit churches, local communities, Haitian associations and raise interest and stimulate donations.

Let'start sending e-mails to our family members, to our friends.

Let's start using the newspapers columns to create awarness.

Let's start calling the Federation phone numbers and talk to the officials..

We will have to maintain contact with Dr Yves Jean-Bart, the President of the Soccer Federation to explain what we plan to do to help the national soccer teams.

In order to do so, Dr Jean-Bart, acting on behalf of the Haitian Soccer Federation, will open the bank accounts where funds will be deposited.

In a previous blog, we underlined the fact that the Federation will be held accountable and we made clear we will require monthly or a three- month period audited financial report detailing the expenses as well as activity report.

It was not our intent to be negative when we mentioned the VOAM (Voye Ayiti Monte)project.

We do not have short term memory deficit.

In the beginning of 1991, the Haitian Diaspora wanted to give an economic boost to the newly elected President: Jean Bertrand Aristide.

It was said that money was needed to start some projects while waiting for the international agencies donations or loans.

Millions of dollars were raised to help the President and the Government led by the then Prime Minister: Rene Preval.The late Emmanuel Ambroise was acting as the coordinator.

Even today no one can tell you what happened exactly.

The mystery is still thick.

The funds just disappeared.

It was the same situation with one million U.S dollars given by Taiwan to build the road of Carrefour.

This money landed in the bank account of a private fondation: La Fanmi Se La Vi.

Do we want this to happen again?

We always make reference to the past to avoid making the same mistakes.

We need to be carefull and make sure that a penny earned in the condition we all know does not land in the personal bank accounts of corrupted officials.

Trebu Patriote, February 6 2007, 9:34 PM

Topic: Investissement pour le sport haitien

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Raising funds for any project is a very sensitive activity. People will make sacrifices to contribute to a good cause... read more >
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