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One thing is evident, it is that Haiti is a failed state with broken institutions.

It is a failed state because its leaders failed.

They failed because they were incompetent, dishonest, good for nothing except to create division and they didn't know how to run the country.

It's time we stop blaming the world for our failure.

And we need to realize that the world doesn't owe us anything.

The belief that the world owes us something is why we never take charge of our future.

Stop making excuses for Aristide or anyone else for that matter, he didn't have the qualifications Haiti needed.

History tells us the story of countless leaders who faced impossible challenges and win. It's because they knew how to plan, how to work with others to achieve their goals.

Look at Preval his government has been in power for more than 6 months yet his government has not present a substantial plan to deal with Haiti's problems.

We face a possible 5 years with no significant improvement because his government does't have a realistic plan. When he leaves office we'll start blaming the international community again, saying they didn't work with him. Making excuses for our incompetent leaders as usual.

It's not the world's job to feed us or develop Haiti it's something Haitians have to do until we realize that nothing will ever change.

There loyalty and devotion is where it should be, to their own people and country.

Julien, February 6 2007, 8:54 PM

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One thing is evident, it is that Haiti is a failed state with broken institutions. It is a failed state because its... read more >
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