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The national soccer team has won the Cup of the Caribbean Nations and is qualified to play the Gold Cup (Concacaf) in the month of June in the U.S.

The Haitian People is thankful and proud of those young soccer players who have shown a different image of Haiti.

We have been known as the country of kidnappings, as the country of corrupted officials and as a failed state.

But this young team made history in Port of Spain (Trinidad Tobago) by defeating the local team and bringing the trophy home.

This team, during its preparation, did not get any help from the Ministry of Sport.

Recently the Haitian Soccer Federation had to beg to get money to buy traveling tickets for the players.

The Minister of Sport was basically ignoring the demands of Dr. Yves Jean Bart, the President of the Federation.


It seems that soccer, the most popular sport in Haiti, is not on the budget of the government.

The President and the Prime Minister have wasted thousands or even millions of gourdes rewarding the gangs of Port-au-Prince.

This money should have been invested in the national soccer teams (the U-17 and the seniors.)

Time has come to keep a permanent national team active.

Time has come for a more strategic approach based on frequent games with other national teams.

Players should be treated like professionals ( contracts, salaries, health and life insurance etc.).

To do so we need a plan with stated objectives and goals.

We need a budget from the government.

We need more involvement of the private sectors.

They need to follow the example of DIGICEL.

We need the support of everyone: Haitian living abroad and those living in Haiti.

We will suggest that the Soccer Federation opens an account in the U.S where money can be deposited.

Whatever amount can be given.

Even 1 U.S dollar(one) will make a difference.

Don't you remember VOAM.?

Unfortunately, this money was stolen by Aristide.

To avoid embezzlement and misappropriation, The Soccer Federation will have the responsibility to make monthly activity and audited financial reports available to the public.

If we start investing in sport today, we all will contribute in restoring the image of our Country and The Haitian People will find another reason to believe in its destiny.

Trebu Patriote, February 5 2007, 10:17 PM

Topic: Investissement pour le sport haitien

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Trebu Patriote, 5-Feb-07 10:17 pm
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Trebu Patriote, 6-Feb-07 9:34 pm
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Jean Batiste, 7-Feb-07 10:36 am
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Jean Batiste, 7-Feb-07 10:41 am
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Robert Magic, 7-Feb-07 10:55 am
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Julien, 7-Feb-07 11:30 am
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Julien, 7-Feb-07 11:42 am
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Malik Deschamps, 7-Feb-07 1:30 pm
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