HAITI for Haitians Sarkozy keep out! No to 25yrs!

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Now that the French economy is beginning to crumble the "racaille" Sarkozy wants to milk Haiti for everything it got. Haitians are the only people who can truly say, that we did not steal the land from the native Tainos or Americans.

We paid for our land with gold, and with our sweat and blood.

Hummmm! I do not see Martinique being a "metropole" I visited that little island.

It seems that France have been squeezing them out of everything that they have, so as Guadeloupe.

There are "black" poverty and illiteracy on both of those islands regardless of their natural resources.

Haiti needs to kill the French language and divorce ourselves once and for all from those bloody French.

Most Haitians do not speak French anyway, why not teach them Spanish or English.

There are plenty of Cuban teachers who are looking for work for a very reasonable salary.

In fact, it was reported in a US study that ten percent of the Haitian population speak English due to their advance studies in the United States and Canada.

Why not hire some of our diaspora to teach our people and change our language.

Most importantly Haiti should not give those French men any concession whatsoever.

Haitians would rather die of hunger than to be constantly humiliated by those arrogant whites.

Sarkozy is like a pimp. He wants to give us a little something, so we can feel obligated to give France a whole lot more in return.

Perhaps he is using psychology on us; He is asking for a lot with the hope of getting a some concession from Haiti.

Thats why we need rocket launchers in Haiti;so we can defend our country from those voracious French.

I guess since Sarkozy's wife gave some money to an orphanage in Haiti, he thinks we are going to give him the key to our country.

25 Years of Hell?

I don't think so. Think about the pollution and the damage those French will do to our fauna, flora, sea, rivers, food supply, and the psychological damage as well. Hey Sarko Vas au diable!

Lionne, April 7 2009, 3:49 AM

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Lionne, 7-Apr-09 3:49 am
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Linda, 7-Apr-09 12:58 pm


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