RED ALERT: President Sarkozy wants Haiti G20

Flothe Avenger - April 6 2009, 4:35 PM

Red Alert to All Haitians on this Planet:
President Sarkozy wants to "develop or modernize Haiti" in exchange for the get this: The island of La Gonave as a French base for 25 years and the mineral rights all over Haiti.

The same proposal was made by Spain to Cuba. This is no "April fools" day joke. AT THAT G20 WORLD SUMMIT THE WORLD POWERS WANT TO SCREW THE LITTLE NATIONS AGAIN AND AGAIN to safeguard their way of life by the sweat blood and tears of our people.

** As if we have a short memory in Haiti..

Unfortunately for Sakozy everyone know that he is a racist and a con artist and should not be trusted no matter what he says. ( a racist regardless of his dark skin and Greek ancestry.) We Haitians should judge those world leaders by their actions not what they say; for actions speak louder than words.

If the Haitian Government make the mistake of letting those French into our country again or giving them any mineral rights, (code name: to rob us blind and pollute and poison our people so they can get rich) our people will pay dearly for generations.

We will suffer discrimination, oppression in our own country, and all kinds of cancer and diseases; even military threats.

I for one would rather see us strike a deal with Venezuela or Brazil, or even the United States considering the latter new president policies, than engage with those nasty con artist FRENCH AGAIN or Europeans of any other nations.

Hey Sarko >>>>Casse toi vieux CON! ALERT ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Take some actions to prevent this from happening in our Haiti.

We may be poor but not stupid and dumb.

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Renee says...

I do not think that would be the case, the americans are no more virtuous or the brazilians than the french. Haiti... more »

Tsgordon says...

Dear Rene; The average, politically aware American does not wish to see any Hatian robbed of their rightful assets... more »