Well, whose fault is it when Haiti's own (corrupt politicians...

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Well, whose fault is it when Haiti's own (corrupt politicians) are willing to sell it out for bids to other big nations?

All that you are telling me right now show no rellevancy ifor when allthose exploitations were aided by Haiti's very own looking for the interest of their own pockets.

Look at the present current situation in Haiti where UN Forces gets to dictate and amend the renewal of their contract under their very own conditions (Stating that they will not partake in redevelopemnt missions and Haiti) when Haiti has a government and is a Sovereign independent nations yet which allowed the UN troops to renew such a contract to remain in Haiti under their own terms and not the terms of the Haitian Government.

Haitians or Haiti needs to come out of the past 1804 prideful mentality of which they have been living in for the past 200 years which has amounted Haiti to nothing.

If you want to place blame which as Haitians we often do, blame Alexandre Sabes Petion for having had the interest of other mulatoes and the higher Elites of Haiti in mind and heart and treated the mass black populace of Haiti as slaves when he was a "Genres De Couleur" himself.

Blame incompetent Boyer for having even consider to pay France (especially with a bad check) after Haiti had won its independency fair and square.

Blame the idiot Soulouque who was to dumb enough trying to restore Haiti to the old Monarch ways and failed miserbly and also for their uncalculated attempts to invade the Dominican Republic by having listened to other Exile Dominican Elite politicians who used and have requested Haiti to invade just so they could create a new reason an enemy to gain support of the average mass Dominican populace they have brainwashed to Haitians when they should have signed peaceful treaties instead why till today Dominicans still are racially and socially resentful towards Haitians.

If you want to place blames, blames ourselves for once...

as Haitians who have not gotten out of the Salve mentality to come about making real change in Haiti.

Wilgeens Rosenberg, April 6 2009, 1:06 PM

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Well, whose fault is it when Haiti's own (corrupt politicians) are willing to sell it out for bids to other big... read more >
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