Hello Jenny, you speak with all the energy and innocence of a...

Linda - March 28 2009, 6:18 PM

Hello Jenny, you speak with all the energy and innocence of a 15 year old. That is not a bad thing.

However, it can be misguided.

For example, when you say that "God is the only one that can give peace and security to Haiti" what does that mean exactly?

You could have meant that several different ways.

You could have been using the term "God" to talk about that entity that none of us really know much about, but that most of us assume is there.

You know, that entity that all cultures worship under different names and through different rituals.

Some call him/her Jehovah, some call him/her Yahweh, others refer to him/her as Allah, or Jah, Manitou, or Elah is equivalent to the Hebrew Eloah, El Shaddai, some simply say Holy Spirit.

Hence, the term "God," if you were using it that way, really has nothing to do with a specific religion.

You would have simply been referring to this great entity that all of us can communicate with at an individual level, with no interference from human interpreters such as priests, shamans, or rabbis.

On the other hand maybe you were using the name "God" as a reference to a particular religion.

If that was the case, you might want to do some serious reading to study how most religions have always been destructive political tools, used by men to control society.

If you read enough, you might come across a lot of information about how religions have been the preferred excuse in the pass for mass killings of people who were perceived to be different.

You might even read how religion was used to enslave blacks and colonize nonwhite people all over the world.

You might learn that whole populations no longer exist thanks to the work of missionaries who said they were doing the work of "God." And so on and so forth...

I understand that you want to help your country, but perhaps you might start by getting enough knowledge to really understand the issues.

Things are nos always what they seem...read a lot; read different types of books, from different types of authors; learn learn learn, than speak out loud and what you say will have a better chance of hitting its targeted audience.


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