Hey, Legrand, comment tout les bagay so ye? Why are you doing...

Tiba - March 26 2009, 2:27 PM

Hey, Legrand, comment tout les bagay so ye?

Why are you doing this to me, man?

I am not disrespecting you, I thought we were having a decent and civil debate.

Keep up the hope!

Legrand, you said "The 55 people members of the 1987 Haitian Constitution were not government employees, so the government did not refuse Dual Citizenship to the people."

True! but majority of them were former government employees and government officials, and were from the elite/bourgeois.

You and me both know very well that most of the government posts/seats in Haiti are held by the elite class, the so-called intellectual class, and former government officials.

This one person who participated in the drafting of the constitution happens to be a very good friend of mine. He was a deputy under the previous governments and became a senator after the constitution of 1987. He was a career politician.

My point is, these people who wrote the constitution were fully aware what they were doing when they keep "dual citizenship" from the constitution.

This was NOT a mistake, or coincidence.

It was a well calculated move in their part.

You said "Remember you said it takes ten (10) to amend the US Constitution, and you complaint because it takes less than six (6) months to amend the Haitian Constitution."

You misunderstood my argument.

Yes, it takes 10 years to amend US constitution, no more no less, and therefore, I could wait because I know this is a very frustrating, nonsense, aggravating process.

On the other hand, if it takes only 6 months to amend the Haitian constitution, why should I wait until 2012 to get a decision?

Remember this is 2009 and this "dual citizenship" issue has been talked about since 2006.

You said "The reality is that the Constitution as it is does not recognize YOUR rights as Haitian-born."

That is the whole point! all other countries do recognize their born-citizens who naturalized in other countries, why not Haiti?

That group of 55 morons who wrote the constitution made sure that dual citizenship was not acceptable simply to protect and to guarantee their seats/posts in the government.

To be honest, I think the constitution needs to be banned/destroyed/get rid of because it does not represent the Haitian people, the culture, the philosophy, values, beliefs, and way of life of the Haitian people.

The current constitution is against everything Haiti stands for.

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Good morning Tiba, Let us keep the conversation civil...



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