Minustha This Evil is Not That Necessary

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We all seem to forget that Haiti is a peaceful country.

We fight among ourselves, but we are not a lawless society.

Have you been to Haiti lately?.

Please tell me beside Cite Soleil, where have you heard that the Minustah has done anything meaningful.

Regarding Cite Soleil, I have said many times that Haiti has to be careful, to not let these guys destroy the area, because they need it without a soul so that they can stole what is there.

If Cite Soleil has so much guns how is it that they are not dying everytime they go there killing the innocents.

I have not said that Minustha is to work on developping the country, but Minustha should work on building missions developped by the PrevalAlexis government, if that is not the case, we do not need them. With the Minustha Presence Haiti insecurity will never improved.

Most hotels and well equipped houses around Haiti has long term lease with the UN, some goes as far as 20 years.

We all need to wake up and tackle the real problem of Haiti.

Insecurity, kidnappings are invented phenomenons.

Lack of jobs, hunger, illiteracy, lack of health care facilities, electricity, roads, means of tranmsportations are the real problem we should all be focussing on

Jolibois Selondieu, February 4 2007, 9:29 AM

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