Linda - Thank you for your comments and Qs. As I said to Tiba...

Larry Mulligan - March 17 2009, 11:03 PM

Linda -

Thank you for your comments and Qs. As I said to Tiba, local input is invaluable.

I wish we had the opportunity to meet while we were both in Haiti, that would have been very helpful.

We landed in Port au Prince & went directly to Cerca la Source.

On the way home, we did spend the night at Matthew 25 house in Port au Prince, but only traveled only to see the apartment of a young lady from Cerca la Source who is in nursing school in Port au Prince, and to the home of our translator.

I did not have an opportunity to see the 8% of the population to whom you make reference.

I certainly did not see them in the numerous walks we made in and around Cerca la Source.

You suggested that I somehow "deliberately ignored the obvious".

I did not understand how you thought I did that. Could you please clarify that?

Re the growing of breadfruit in Los Polos, I learned of that shortly before we left Cerca la Source, and was happy to know about it, although I do need to get more specific information about it. I had raised the possibility with a source of information in the Central Plateau (albeit from the U.S.) who told me that he thought there would not be sufficient rainfall to do it. So, my assumption upon learning of the operation in Los Polos, which is much closer to Cerca la Source than the person I got the information about it being too dry, I thought maybe his opinion in this instance is not reliable.

If breadfruit can be grown in Cerca la Source, it may be possible to get a pilot project located there to see if its fruit can successfully be converted into a flour, which would increase its shelf life to 6-8 months, and thereby help in lessening our friends' economic insecurity.

I look forward to your further comments and suggestions.

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seeking economic security for Cerca la Source

I had the privilege of visting Haiti for the 1st time in Feb, 2009. While I was at least somewhat prepared to witness...

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