Thank you, Tiba, for your comments & suggestions. It is good...

Larry Mulligan - March 17 2009, 10:39 PM

Thank you, Tiba, for your comments & suggestions.

It is good to get some "local" feed back. If you want me to get the joke, though, you'll have to fill me in re Haiti Thomas & Haiti Quisqueya!

I agree that the strategies of the farmers in Cerca la Source to enhance their economic security are critical.

I believe they now grow many, if not all, of the crops you mentioned.

What we are looking at is a long term project not wedded to any particular method or product, just what would change the current insecurity.

Even longer term, I am reading Dead Aid", by Dambisa Moyo. Her thesis is that the kind of aid provided to developing countries by the West in the past has actually hurt, not helped, those countries.

Although she focuses on Africa in general & her native Zambia in particular, I believe her analysis, if correct (have not finished reading, so w/holding judgment at this point), it would apply to aid, even the comparatively small assistance we are able to send to our friends, to Haiti.

Finally, I agree that we in the U.S. have much to learn, emotionally & spiritually, from Haiti.

I hope our exchange will continue to be mutual.

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