public transport desaster

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President Preval,
It is a shame that a country like Haiti begging the international community for money for development, yet every time the government gets money it simply makes a blumder.

How can buy bus for public transport and in just a few months we already have such crisis with the sector.

The drivers are not trained, they are destroying buses left right and center.

No accountability in the management of funds.

President Preval!!!! do better then that as president.

Public transport requires knowledgeable people to run it not syndicalists as we know them in Haiti.

We must do better and we can do better as a nation, it does not make any sense that we continue to beg just to waste.

Trust me this country gives headache.

The buses are so nice and carry a parcel of dignity to the people, when I saw it I felt so happy for the country.

Now just a few months later I hear so much crap.

This country will remain the same if we believe that corruption is the way. Poverty does not have to make us so cruel to ourselves.

Show some leadership, take responsibility, do something plausible, oh my God!

Louinel Jean, March 15 2009, 11:10 PM

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