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James Lee - March 2 2009, 3:49 PM

Hi! Mr president preval i just say hello cause i think your are okay and you are in the right place lol, not like me + because of you and your country im out and umiliet, it be cool and im not dead yet so i'll be next and get up in this country again.

So im james lee bienvenue, and im 26 years old and im bord in port au prince haiti, so i was worked for some secret misson in haiti like (minustah) so they asked me to do some different work cause it was again't you, to be not in the power and i leave you so you'll talk more ok take care, i have to go bye write if you want to knb ow more about what im saying bye minus2030lee at yahoo.

fr or bilyjr1love at bye JAMES LEE B.

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