This is absolutely absurd for someone to be so disrespectful...

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This is absolutely absurd for someone to be so disrespectful.

Why is he so bitter?

Bitterness and stupidity cemented in an by ignorance have claimed the soul of this "mulato".

He is a deranged individual, a coward who indulges himself in putting down people of darker complexion.

Reading his post just makes me sick. This bastard probably never visited a hospital or a nursing home to see how human in general can have bodily odor regardless of the shade of his/her complexion.

He probably has any notion in human growth and development to realize that at the age of puberty "we all have some odor".

He doesn't realize that perspiration is natural whenever you are working, playing, or engaging in any kind of physical activity.

This "Grimmo", or more precisely this "Kribich chode", with a malodorous mind is trying to project his mental illness on other by saying they "stink mentally".

Reading his post can give you a clear picture of his mental status: he suffers from delusion of grandeur, he absolutely suffers from personality disorder; he is antisocial, and need to be on medication! This "Grimmo" takes great delight in having people kissing his "bounda chode".

Ti Grimmo, if you practice "rimming" and enjoy to be "plunged", don't come here on this blog with your filthy mind looking for same sex pleasure; Stay in you marble bathroom and continue to have an intimate moment with your "plunger"!
You may disagree with all the bloggers and feel hurt by the political events in Haiti, you may feel frustrated by the incompetence of those in power, but you have no right to be so nasty toward the poor, the illiterates, and people with dark complexion.

You have lost your history book and sold it before you sold your rectum to the highest bidder on 42nd street.

Had you read that story book, you would see that the mulatto had been in power since Independence and did nothing to advance the cause of the nation.

They were protecting their own interest and leave the majority in poverty...They become the new "colons"; these neo-colons make me think that colonialism is a genetic trait: The Grimmo/mulattos have inherited that nasty trait from their merciless fathers who, like "sang sue", sucked up the blood of their slaves! Now you can do that anymore, you called us all kind of names! That is the origin of your bitterness and arrogance.

Namphy and Raoul Cedras aren't they mulattos who bring political instability to the country?

They may be related to you!
It is time to put this superiority complex to rest. It perpetuates hatred and animosity between groups.

Your post is disgusting; it is the pure reflection of a depraved, racist and ignorant mind like yours.

If you have nothing better to say that can improve the condition of the unfortunate, shut the hell up and stay away from this blog where from time to time some great minds come to meet!

Zarien Krab, February 28 2009, 8:55 AM

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This is absolutely absurd for someone to be so disrespectful. Why is he so bitter? Bitterness and stupidity cemented... read more >
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