Obama wants to talk Haiti with Michaelle Jean

Obama Louverture .com - February 25 2009, 4:26 PM

Governor General Michaelle Jean has been invited to stay in touch with U.S. President Barack Obama on the challenging conditions facing people living in Haiti -- a conversation topic that she brought up with the leader when he visited Ottawa earlier this week.

Watch a video reportage here:

It was an open invitation the president offered, Blouin said, when he said he wanted "to keep in touch with the Governor General concerning the issue of Haiti."

The Governor General was the first to shake hands with Obama when he arrived in Ottawa earlier this week.

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William Evens Josma says...

Y not Preval, y discusting Haiti with Michaelle Jean?This is disrespectful to me.Michaelle Jean it taking care of... more »

Pamela Forbes St.merant says...

I feel so proud and I thank God for all that is happening for Haiti, I pray one day to see the fruits and vegetables... more »

Gigi Stpreux says...

I think about that everyday also. It sounds backwards but I wish ththat Haiti could ga back to the way way is was in... more »