The Grimmo-Mulatto is Most powerful man on EARTH

Revenge Of The Grimmos-mulattos - February 22 2009, 8:06 PM

The Grimmo that some of you ugly black primitive negro Haitians call "grimace" or "Mule-atto is the most powerful man on Earth.

Some of you low life Haitians are so fresh and disrespectful.

Most of you people are a bunch of illiterate failures., Most of you Negroes let say( 99.9 percent) are thieves whenever Any of you run or govern any office in Haiti.

REPEAT AFTER ME: Can you say CORRUPT! morally and culturally BANKRUPT! Religiously PRIMITIVE! SIDA diseased, disproportionately VIOLENT.

Oh the pretentious Negros who like to put the "grimmos" or "mulattos" in front to talk for your ignorant masses, then try to kill their entire families, so that most of your incompetent people can remain in power.

Do you know how much you negroes stink in Haiti both physically and mentally.

Can you say that you are MAUDIT cursed as a consequence of your actions as a group.

Can you REPEAT: KISS MY MULATTO AND GRIMMO DERRIERE! do not claim me or mine as one of your own, and tha you bunch of ungrateful, undeserving primitive ugly people who have the audacity to call other people "Grimace or Mule" should take a good look at yourselves in the mirror and of your entire family before you start calling people who are better than you names OK! Most of you primitive negroes make the rest of us feel ashame to be Haitians, We certainly would have done better and be better off without all of you. Psssst Tell you a secret: {Just like the Dominican Republic is!} The truth always HURT DON'T IT?

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The Dark Knight says...

Waoh! You are completely unloaded. But why such a bitterness? The dark Knight more »

Greg Peters says...

To me you black people are all blacks. It does not matter if you are dark or light or mulatto, with good hair or bad... more »

Yves Salamanque says...

My My My! Like I said before in this blog when my friend and colleague was in Haiti teaching french to the Haitians he... more »

Xavier says...

You sound like a fool, we are all Haitians regardless of skin complexion, I can't believe you took the time out to... more »

Carolle Sylvestre says...

That is the real problem of haitian. A category of people call certain people name (like grimace), and the other hand... more »

Tiba says...

Les "petits blancs ou blancs manants" etaient des esclaves qui travaillaient a cote des esclaves noirs dans les grande... more »

Zarien Krab says...

This is absolutely absurd for someone to be so disrespectful. Why is he so bitter? Bitterness and stupidity cemented... more »

Yves Salamanque says...

RE: The Grimmo-Mulatto is Most powerful man on EARTH My My My! Like I said before in this blog when my friend and... more »

The Dark Knight says...

Only Toussaint Louverture knew how to make it happen; and, of course, they made it. Now, It took over 200 years for... more »

Gera Bougui says...

Are you the real king, Dark Knight? more »

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